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Craving just about every type of fruit today! 🍑🍎🥭 —My husband will be out of town today and my little one is staying at grandmas, so I’ll…

Here’s a shopping bag. I like simple, fun, quick-ending jobs.
The necessary materials are actually just rope and crochet. Our rope should be a sturdy rope that does not stretch, the weave is already a flexible mesh, if your rope is also flexible, it will not be pleasant. It shouldn’t be too thick. My rope is a nylon-weighted rope, a number 3 or 5 crochet, depending on the thickness of the rope. I used two color strings you do as you like, all straight, striped, etc.

We start with the magic ring. We wrap the rope around our thumb once and put 6 frequent needles on it.

1st. Row: 6 frequent pins (when completed, we put a different color mark at the beginning of the row with a string, so that we can not surprise our row)

2nd ed. sequence: 1 frequent needle one increase (there will be a total of 12 frequent needles at the end of the sequence)

3. sequence: 2 frequent needles one increase (there will be a total of 18 frequent needles at the end of the sequence)

4. sequence: 3 frequent needles one increase (there will be a total of 24 frequent needles at the end of the sequence)

Such a systematic increase we create the base of the bag (mine is 15 rows)
Then 2. we move to the Part 6 chain pull 3 frequent needles jump and sink as you can see below continue. Let’s repeat 6 chains and stinging events in certain places to increase. By increasing it to a certain point, wherever we want that widest part of the bag. Then we can narrow it down a bit as we go down the road. I think the pictures below will be more understandable if you examine.
Do not hesitate to try some things, you learn a lot even if it is not what you want, isn’t that what we call experience?
It is absolutely necessary to look at the schematics and explanations, but on the other hand, it makes more sense for me to think about it and try to understand its logic and add something from ourselves.

You can make a few rows of frequent needles or handrails in the mouth. The latest stage can be the length you want, of course the stems.
I gave frequent injections…

Cotton Macrome rope bag made for the model we saw the number 4 used crochet. If you want to use other rope than macrome rope, you can also knit it with combed ropes or jute paper ropes.

For the preparation of lining into the bag by taking 1 meter lining fabric in the bag size of 2 pieces of oval fabric cut them into the bag with a clean stitch can sew.

We’ll start making bags in the middle. 38 not too tight after pulling the chain 1 Round the head 8. get inside the chain 3 lü Banister 2 take the chain from the bottom 2 Switch the chain 3. we’re making close boxes.

This way you get 11 boxes. Jumping 2 Chains from the bottoms. 2 row boxes after the banister is passed. When 3 rows are completed, the making of the bag is finished.

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